Martial Arts

I started my formal training in the martial arts during grad school at CMU in 1991. After getting my shodan in Shotokan Karate from Ohshima Shihan, I started cross-training in Mukei No Ryu aikido to better understand the joint locking and throwing techniques in traditional karate kata. I have been fortunate to train with practitioners who incorporate a broad spectrum of martial arts fundamentals, including ground fighting, into the traditional Aikido experience. After receiving my shodan in Aikido, I began serving as a guest instructor at Aikido Tenshinkai. I enjoy learning from martial artists from different backgrounds and have benefited from cross-training in krav maga, muay thai,mixed martial arts and escrima.

The covid-19 pandemic has given me the opportunity to return to regular karate training (over Zoom) via SKA's pandemic practices.